We offer routine appointments with each GP, which are bookable up to 5 weeks in advance on a first-come-first-sesrve basis. If patients wish to book an appointment in advance, they can do so by specifying availability.

Emergency or Urgent appointments are available every day with each GP. Please phone us as early as possible (our telephone lines open at 08:00 everyday) as the availability is very limited.

We also offer telephone consultations where appropriate.

For patients who prefer to be seen over weekend we can offer Weekend Hub appointments, for more information please click here.

Each appointment allocation is set to 10 minute intervals. From time to time, due to the nature of healthcare, these appointments may slightly overrun. We appreciate your patience during such times.

We now also offer online booking and cancellation of appointments. Please use the following link (if you are registered) to access these services:

Systm Online