Non-NHS Services

Please see below our charges for travel vaccinations. We also provide variety of NON-NHS Services such as letters, medical reports including but not limited to insurance, occupational, disability and housing.

If the letter or report does not form part of the NHS services a charge may apply, where possible, we base our fee’s in line with the British Medical Associate (BMA) Guidance which is issued yearly.

Non NHS Services FeesFee
Fitness to attend school examination/fitness to travel certificate£40
School fees insurance claim forms/certificates£40
Holiday insurance letter/report including cancellation£40
Shotgun licence report£40
Targeted medical reports (without examination of patient)£80
Long or detailed report (without examination)£130
Supplementary report (request for additional information following first report)£60
Fostering application medical report£180
Driving medical report (pilots licence/HGV/LGV/taxi driver medicals£130
Lasting Power of Attorney/Court of Protection assessment of capacity form (COP3)£180
Pharmaceutical trials: report on suitability of patient to take part as non-patient volunteer£150

Travel VaccinationsFee
Hepatitis B vaccination (course of 3 doses)£135
Meningitis ACW&Y vaccination£60
Rabies travel vaccination (course of 3 doses)£180
Japanese Encephalitis vaccination£90
Yellow Fever vaccination£70